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Sandra Frauenberger

Sandra Frauenberger

City Councillor for Women's Issues in Vienna

FemCities has been launched for the purpose of deepening international exchange on gender equality policies and initiating cooperation between European cities. I thank all network partners for participating in the network and sharing their experiences.

Cities are crucial actors in the field of women's and gender policies. Most European cities pursue a wide range of activities to promote equal opportunities between women and men within their urban agenda. In sharing them, we gain knowledge on strategies and good practices to enhance gender equality in our cities. We can adapt these strategies and come a step closer so that every woman in our cities feels safe, empowered and enjoys equal rights with men.

My ambition for the network’s future is to expand its activities within Europe, including the European Union, but also in non-EU countries, for instance in the Danube Region, to contribute to efficient approaches of cities to promote gender equality. Because also cities and municipalities have a role in promoting gender equality, reducing traditional gender roles, developing and communicating strategies against violence against women as well as supporting those most at risk such as migrants or elderly women in all relevant aspects of life. Since gender inequality as well as violence against women is based on an imbalance of power between women and men, it is important to deconstruct gender roles so that every girl and every woman can choose her role in society.

It is one of my most important concerns that every woman – here in Vienna and elsewhere – can lead her own life independently and in a self-determined way.