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Keynote 1: Effects of the economic crisis on the employment of women in cities in Europe: similarities and differences. Possible courses of action for cities.

Keynotes 2: Promotion of gender equality and employment of women in times ofcrisis - keynote speakers from Croatia

Ms Višnja Ljubičić (Ombudswoman for Gender Equality of the Republic of Croatia), download presentation HR
download presentation EN
Ms Tatjana Dalić (Ministry of Labour and Pension System, assistant minister),
download presentation
Prof. dr. Branka Galić (Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, University of Zagreb) download presentation 
Ms Zdenka Lončar (Ministry of Entrepreneurship and Crafts, assistant minister).
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Panel 1: Visible and hidden effects of the economic crisis and employment of women in cities.

In times of crisis, gender equality policies might be seen as nonpriority. How to tackle it? How to analyse effects on women and employment? Continuing gender equality policies are crucial in times of crisis.

  • University Toulon – Effects of crisis on employment of women in South France – Ms Natacha Ordioni, download speech
  • Coordinator for Gender Equality of the City of Zrenjanin (Serbia). Member of Gender Equality Commission Zrenjanin – Ms Ljiljana Lazarević, download speech
  • Office for Gender Equality, Government of the Republic of Croatia – Ms Tamara Šterk download presentation
  • Croatian Trade Union Association, Coordination of women – Ms Katarina Perković download presentation

Panel 2: Projects and policies of cities to tackle the effects of the economic crisis on the employment of women

  • Advancement of women through public procurement, City of Berlin – Ms Gunda Meyer download presentation
  • Commission for Gender Equality of the City of Zagreb - Ms Margareta Mađerić
  • Gender Budgeting, City of Basel - Ms Leila Straumann download presentation
  • Gender Mainstreaming, City of Vienna - Ms Ursula Bauer download presentation

Panel 3: Women and selfemployment – good practices

  • Ms Nela Jurić, City Office for Economy, Labour and Enterprises, City of Zagreb download presentation
  • Ms Iva Šalamon Reškovac (Art hill d.o.o.) and Ms Đurđa Grozaj (Udruga Kamensko)
  • Ms Wioletta Zasepa, Polish-Balkan Agency for Economic Cooperation download presentation
  • Ms Maja Kanazir, Municipality of Indjija, coordinator of Women’s network Indjija, download speech

“World café” on employment of women in cities in times of crisis

Topics for in-depth discussions and practice exchange:

  • Advancement of women through public procurement
  • Gender budgeting
  • Feminist counter strategies (in-depth discussion on possible courses of action for cities)
  • Cooperations between the cities and NGOs through project for employment of women
  • Women and selfemployment

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