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FemCities Danube Region

The project “FemCities Danube Region” is carried out within the framework of the “EU Strategy for the Danube Region” from June 2011 to December 2016. The project is divided into separate modules in order to keep the implementation realistic and feasible and to ensure sustainable, lasting results.

The impetus of the “EU Strategy for the Danube Region” will be used to revive networking and cooperation activities in the area of gender equality and local women’s policies in Central and Eastern Europe and to extend contacts in the Danube Region.

The project was presented for the first time at the 2011 FemCities conference in Basel to FemCities network partners and potential project partners. Meanwhile, first cooperations have started with network partners from Zagreb and Belgrade.

Project modules and main activities:

Module 1

FemCities Danube Network

  • inviting city and municipal administrations in the Danube Region to be partner in the FemCities network
  • building up concrete cooperation with selected partners in the Danube Region
  • sharing gender expertise at events of the Danube Region Strategy
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Module 2

Website “FemCities Danube Region”

  • publishing project activities and relevant network information at www.femcities.at

Module 3

Vienna Girls‘ Day goes FemCities
(2012 - 2017)

  • inviting interested city administrations to learn about the Vienna Girls’ Day
  • coaching for one city administration (per year) which plans to implement girls’ day for the first time
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Module 4


  • Media are relevant partners in women’s and gender equality politics:
  • extending media contacts in the Danube region
  • international workshops and expert talks in the Danube Region