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Position of women's department Vienna on the current refugee situation in Austria
Women’s rights are human rights – for all women

Many people currently flee from war and persecution and seek refuge in Austria and other countries. Every person has the right to live a life without persecution, without violence. During their flight, many people are particularly vulnerable, especially women, children, elderly people, ill people, people with a disability, people with diverse sexual orientations, people who belong to a minority.

Pregnant women and unaccompanied children under the age of 18 are especially vulnerable and in need of protection. When there are reports that in Austria’s main refugee processing centre in Traiskirchen pregnant women do not get medical assistance, when there are reports that births and still births take place outdoors, when there are reports that unaccompanied minors “disappear”, when there are reports that there are too few doctors offering medical care so that people with acute illness are not treated in time, when there are reports that physical violence against women takes place without the police intervening – then the response of MA 57, the Women’s Department of the City of Vienna, is as follows:
Human rights of refugees need to be respected irrespective of who is formally responsible for the care of refugees according the constitution. Protection from violence must be granted to everyone. Every person must get adequate food and medical treatment, must have access to adequate housing and sanitary facilities.

Women and children, in particular, are threatened by sexual or gender-specific violence and therefore need special protection and support. Women need adequate medical care, especially during pregnancy and before or after giving birth.
In Vienna, every person is welcome. There are numerous counselling and support services for women affected by violence and regarding women’s health issues.

Women’s rights and human rights apply to all people equally. In Vienna, in Austria, worldwide. The Women’s Department of the City of Vienna has been committed to ensuring this for nearly 25 years.