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In 2009, the municipality of Brno entered a competition on gender equality called Authority of the Year “Half and half”. Among 139 authorities that enlisted in this competition Brno City Municipality won the 2nd prize in the category of municipalities with its own and delegated powers. 

The criteria of the competition were as following:
The number of women in leading functions in relation to the total number of women at the municipality;
  • Existence of the anti-discriminatory measures at the municipality;
  • Gender equality aspects and gender mainstreaming regarded in official internal documents (work rules, internal salary rules, ethical code) and documents oriented towards public (development strategy, visions, plans of development);
  • Measures focused on reconciliation of family and work life targeted at employees of the authority;
  • Training activities for employees of the authority in the field of equal opportunities of women and men;
  • Establishing and extending the capacity of kindergartens and nurseries in relation to the demographic situation;
  • Support of children’s leisure activities;
  • Support of day home services, emergency/respite care and day care for persons with lower self-dependency capacity.

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